Kay Green and her husband of 30 years Russell live in 
rural Oregon with their 4 children, and 1 cat.
Russell and Kay were high school sweethearts. 
Russell is CEO of Ruralite Services as well as a
youth leader at Evergreen Christian Center.
Kay is Founder of My Precious kid Safety ID Products and owner of PreciousKids.org Adoption & Homeschool Resources 

The children:

mm10A.jpg (127724 bytes) melmattsmall.jpg (91826 bytes)Melissa -26 yrs old - married to Matthew in October 2003. Daughter Madison was born in December 2006. Twin sons Micah & Mason were  born May 2009. Her blog is at

001_002.jpg (641015 bytes)Jordan - 24 yrs old - married to Katie July 2006. Her runs HM Motorsports. Katie works for credit union and has an Avon business at http://kgreen7901.avonrepresentative.com/

mmm 022.jpg (774919 bytes)Allison - 21 yrs old - pianist/musician/poet works for Washington COunty DA

Stuff 027.jpg (322876 bytes) melhaley.jpg (55259 bytes)Haley - 9 yrs old - adopted as a newborn!
Haley's Story & photos

Kay's parents own their own business too. They bought a security business in 1970 and still run it from their home. Collins Security in Springfield, Oregon

Kay's uncle runs his own business building Covair Trikes. Her father has also built some. Collins Trikes is in California.

Family Photos   

greenfamily.jpg (130425 bytes) wasterfamily.jpg (117868 bytes) kids1.jpg (10219 bytes) greenkids.jpg (53649 bytes)
December 1999 Easter 2001 Christmas 2002 October 2003

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