Christmas 2009
Russell's nearly famous Christmas letter

Katie & Jordan (24), Matt & Melissa (27), Allison (22)
Russell, Kay, Haley (9)
Madison (3), Micah & Mason (7 mo)

Tis is the season!

Merry Christmas from the Green Family!

In honor of all of the social networks, this message will be done Twitter style – no messages with more than 140 characters at a time.

Knowing that many of you are on Facebook, Twitter and the like, I will try to give you updates that might not be well known. Here goes!

Speaking of twitter, one of our own family members has over 11,000 followers. No, it isn't Haley, but Kay is #10 in Oregon, according to

Oregon Business magazine. She is in the top 6,000 “twits” in the world. You can follow her at @MyPreciousKid.

Her Twitter page is at 

Haley age 9Haley is a fourth grader at Emmaus Christian School. She is the understudy for a main part in the Christmas play. She also did well in a

speech meet at school. She took up soccer this fall, and is also doing gymnastics.

Jordan and Katie gave notice to their "landlord" recently, and moved into their first home. Lyla the dog misses me, but they are happy to

have their own home now. Pictures are on his Facebook page.

(wow, isn’t this tweeting thing so fun?! Right? You’re feeling it aren’t you?)

Jordan continues to manage the shop at H&M Motorsports in Beaverton, while Katie has a new job at First Tech Credit Union.
Haley & the grands
Allison is living in Portland with friend Kristen. She works at the Washington County district attorney's office.

She also sang back up on an album. You can hear her at . Skip to about the 2:30 mark for her part.

Matt and Melissa agreed on two boy names that begin with the letter M. Micah John was born on May 8, followed 3 minutes later by brother

Mason Russell. Melissa has moved into Super Mom status, managing three kids under the age of three.

Melissa's blog is at

Matt was recently promoted at Wells Fargo, managing a team of analysts. It’s a good thing too – diapers are expensive!

The Green ChildrenHe continues to make regular treks to his parent’s home in Lebanon to work on his ’71 Chevelle restoration. Ask him about the trunk!

“Somebody” did an amazing job on it!
In July, Kay traveled to England with friends Tami and Shelley for eight days of sightseeing. Now every time we watch TV with a shot of

England, Kay says “I was there!” And it sounds like she wants to go again!

My vacation consisted of a trip with Kay and our friends Ron and Cheryl Sauer to watch spring training baseball in Phoenix.

Our summer was pretty busy, well, mine was anyway. Out was summer camp for the first time in many years. In was a two-month stint as the

interim leader of our church. I wouldn’t go so far as to say “pastor.” It was a humbling and yet rewarding experience. I even
Sadie spoke on

Father’s Day weekend. Once every 50 years is probably enough. I didn’t see anybody falling asleep, but I think a few came close. And we got a new wonder dog in training, Miss Sadie. She is a 2 yr old "lab mix".
Kay & I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in June.

We trust this letter finds you well and full of God’s richest blessings. Our doors are always open, and the spare bed has clean sheets (?)

You can always find us when you are in the area, or eavesdrop electronically on Facebook,
twitter or old fashioned e-mail (how 2005!)

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