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If you were in a sudden car accident and rendered unconscious, would authorities know how to care for your children? They will NOW! By having your Child’s ID Card attached to their car seat you have assurance that your children will be taken care of and family members can be reached..

If your child wanders off at the fair, would authorities know how to reach you? They will NOW! By having your Child’s Safety ID product (bracelet or shoe tag or personalized dog tags) attached to them, you have Peace of Mind that the authorities will be able to reach you, at home, work on your cell.

Children's Safety Products can save a child's life.
Kid's Safety is so important!! All kids need one of these Child ID Kits!

My Precious Kid was started in 2001 out of Kay's need for 
ID cards for her home schooled children and  her adopted daughter.

See our newest products in our line of
 of 90 Family Safety Products & Baby Gear

Safe Sippy
Child Safety Book
Star Stash
Buckle Pals
Responsibility Chart
Infant Car Seat Carrier
Car Seat Stroller
Moby Wrap
Ergo Baby Carrier
Milk Bands
Foldable Booster Seat
Caution Kids at Play Sign
Babysitter Information Station
Potty Training Dolls
Potty Training Pants
Potty Power DVD
Bumpy Name Bands for Bottles
CARES Aviation Restraint
Baby Huggables Car Seat Safety Clip

Baby Monitor
Baby Scale
Buggy Bagg
Door Stop Alarm
Home Safety Kit
Internet Safety DVD
Key Pad Door Alarm
Kid Escape DVD
Nursing Cover
Outlet Cover
Personalized Dog Tags
Radian 65 Car Seat Radian 80 Car Seat
Radian Car Seat Bag
Shopping Cart Cover
Sleep Positioner
Surge Protector Cover
Swaddle Blanket
Temporary Tattoos
Toddler Travel Bed

 Need help deciding what your children need?
Call the My Precious Kid® founder for a
free SAFETY CONSULTATION. 503-693-2832

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Child Safety Products Site Map

#0100 Child Safety Pack #0200 ID DNA Fingerprinting Kit #0300 DNA Fingerprinting Kit
#0400 Medical Release ID Card Kit #0500 Child's ID Card Kit #0600 Car Seat ID Card Kit 
#0600 Booster Car Seat ID Card Kit #0700 Luggage Tag ID Card Kit #0700 Booster Car Seat ID Card Kit
#0800 Pet ID Card Kit   #1000 Vinyl ID Bracelets #1100 Chore Chart Boards Kit
#1100 Potty Training Kit #1300 Adult ID DNA Fingerprint Kit #0900 Wearable ID Pack
#1400 Shoe ID Stickers #1500 Medication Chart Boards #1600 Spanish ID DNA Fingerprint Kit
#1200 Child ID PLUS #4200 First Aid Kit #4300 Boo-Boo First Aid Box
#4400 Child's ID Scope #4500 Pet eScope #4600 Medical Identiscope
#4700 ID Shoe Tag - Velcro #5000 Baby Sling   #5200 DNA Toothprints
#5400 Child Safety 101 Book #5500 Velcro Medical ID Bracelet #5600 Identitee
#5700 Taggies Blanket #5800 Taggies Take-a-long #5900 Taggies Books
#6000 Shopping Cart Cover #6100 Shopping Cart Bar Cover #6200 Safetyville Game
#6300  Safety Video Set #6400 Safety Activity Set #6500 Allergy Labels
#6550 Name Stickers #6600 Caution Sign #6700 Child Locator
#5300 Childs Medical Records Book #7400 Kids Placemat #7500 Potty Seat Cover
#7600 Potty Seat #7700 Potty Training Stickers #7800 Toilet Lid Lock
#8000 Time Out Mat #8100 Child Harness #8200 Car Seat Cover
#8300 Swaddle Set #8400 Seat Belt Adjuster #8500 Child ID Bracelet
#8600 Furniture Brackets #8700 Baby Sign Language #8800 Baby Sign DVD
#8900 First Aid Kit for Kids #9000 Baby Sleep Pillow #9100 Home Safety Kit
#9200 Balcony Guard #9300 Stranger Danger DVD #9400 Travel ID Bands


My Precious Kid® Child Safety Products is dedicated to helping parents keep their children safe. We produce professional family safety ID products. We educate communities how to keep children safer. We offer fundraiser programs for schools and organizations.


Owner Kay Green and her husband Russell have been married 27 years. They reside in rural Oregon. They have 4 children: Melissa 24 (married to Matthew), son Jordan 21 (married to Katie), Allison 19 (college), and Haley 7. Their children are a combination of home grown and adopted. Kay has been a stay home, home schooling, business owner since 1982. Kay's first grand daughter Madison Kay was born in December 2006

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